To submit a proposal for a new accelerator, please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Where did you get your data?

If your proposed accelerator(s) does not contain/embed any example data, skip to Step 2.

Dashboards, reports, stories and explorations all display data. To keep these demos as self-contained as possible, we encourage you to use uploaded files/data modules instead of databases.

In the Catalog, we can not use Third Party data or images unless we have approval from IBM Legal (see below). Therefore, we encourage you to use the sample data provided by IBM whenever possible:

Alternatively, you can create the data yourself, but it should not be derived from an online source that does not allow derivative works.

We can not use public data downloaded from the Internet until Legal has reviewed it. Every website has its own Terms of Use link, and most websites state that their data can not be used for commercial purposes. To clear data with Legal, we need to send them the URL that the data was downloaded from, and the URL for the site’s Terms of Use.

Please indicate the source of your example data: